Thermal design consulting

Thermal design consulting

Sometimes the problems of the customers do not require thermal analyses or measurements, but in order to resolve them our experience and knowledge are needed. The following are issues that we can be helpful with:

1. The feasibility study of the technological ideas

All the electronic products dissipate heat. Therefore, it is very important to define and assess potential risks at very early stages of the project. In some cases two hours meeting can avoid huge waste of money and time.

2. Design Concept Product

Once feasibility is approved, concept design of the product can be started. We will make sure that heat transfer and fluid flow is optimal and do address all the design restrictions. At this stage most important becomes deep understanding of standard requirements and spatial needs of the customers. Our knowledge and experience will help design team to find right balance between quality and cost.

3. Detailed design

Today, when tough competition demands quality improvements on one hand and cost reduction on the other, there is no more place for "Safety Factors". Optimal design cannot rely on approximate calculation methods, is it was "once". Computerized Thermal Analyses allow performing precise prediction of entire product thermal behavior. In addition "What If?" analysis can be done even before first prototype is build.

4. Examinations and tests.

Next stage of design process is verification that all the calculations and assumptions were correct and products works exactly as it should. Tests procedures should be defined in order to gather maximum data by minimum resources. Our test planning and our participation during the tests will assure that no detail is missed and all the parameters are verified.

5. Analysis of Failure Modes and troubleshooting refunds field.

It is highly recommended NOT to be on this stage of Product life. However, things happen and it is very important to understand properly root causes of the failures. Whether it is manufacturing problem, improper operation or some "Bug" in design. Our knowledge and experience will help to close the issue with minimum damage.