Temperature measurements

Temperature Measurements

Thermal tests are intended to verify the thermal design of the product or locate the hot spots in existing devices. The following are issues that we can be helpful with:

1. What is the problem with temperature measurement?

This is a question that we are frequently asked. "We are able to glue the sensors by ourselves" claim the customers. Is that so? Before gluing the sensors we must know:

2. Data needed to perform successful test.

TIn order to define measurement procedure the following data is needed:

Precision and reliably of Test Results depends on the quality of the data mentioned above.

3. Test Results.

First of all test results should indicate whether or not exist some thermal problem in the product. If the design was made properly, no such problems should be found. Next purpose of the test is to verify analyses results. If any disagreements are found they should be addressed immediately. And finally, temperature control system should operate exactly according to design definitions.