About the company

Agren was founded in 1980 by Aharon Manor, Thermodynamics engineer graduated in Technion. Prior to company foundation Aharon Manor served as Leading Engineer at Ormat Turbins and before that on important government project.

Aharon Manor dedicated entire professional life to Thermal Design of wide verity of systems. This dedication and uncompromising professionalism have created for him great reputation. Natural curiosity and continuous drive to the first to know keep Aharon updated in all the news happened on the field of Thermodynamics. All these cause Agren to prosper in good times and successfully overcome bad times.

Vitaly Fishman - the "CFD Artist" joined Agren first as subcontractor at 2000 and then as a partner at 2003. The reason for this merge was to upgrade professionalism and experience with advanced abilities of computerized design and prediction.

Vitaly Fishman has 21 years experience in operating of verity of Computational Fluid Dynamic Software. In addition he brought to Agren reach hands-on experience in design Telecommunication products for such companies as Telrad, ECI and Nortel. The products that were designed under extremely tide requirements of quality assurance. Vitaly Fishman is loyal to the values of the company is committed to continue its longstanding traditions.